Usman Ghani

Mr Usman Ghani

Vice President and Secretary of IMPMS

Mr. Ghani values renaissance periods of history.  He believes renewals recur cyclically and are stimulated by curiosity and fathomed by ingenuity.  When deliberately taken on collaboratively, these render enormous progress.  Imperative to all humankind is the advancement of our condition, and for this the confluence of education and exploration are fundamental.  Communities and societies that succeed over time seize this confluence compellingly.  They emphasize pursuing all fields of study and more so, their integration to arrive at collaboratively meaningful outcomes. 


The Medieval Time was one such productive, protracted period when Muslim pioneers and scholars progressed multiple fields of study.  Their fervent curiosity, focused explorations, befitting inventions, and pursuit of scholarship generated substantial works that were then ultramodern.  Collaborating with others, they also created collective solutions to vexing societal issues.  But as confluence waned, momentum retarded.  Then, familiarity with this renaissance period gradually became the past.  Mr. Ghani views the potential of IMPMS as inspiring for Muslim communities to create and contribute, to collaborate and cooperate, and to lead together in many ventures to spawn new eras for all people, with Muslims as inclusive partners in progress. 


Mr. Ghani is a mechanical engineer (with distinctions); has earned 3 Master’s degrees from MIT; studies at Harvard; worked for global corporations like Exxon, McKinsey, and Shell; and judged several competitions and debates.  He consults to Boards and Chief Executives on management opportunities and loves talent development.  As a science lover, space enthusiast, and frequent traveler, Mr. Ghani is a proponent of the STEM* program, which he believes can make America great again, the world a better place, and surely a positive avenue for Muslims to again contribute productively to our striving human society.