Conferences organized by IMPMS in Dallas Fort Worth

Muslim Contributions to Human Civilization2001, Dallas Texas
Role of Religion In Promoting World Peace2002, Dallas, TX
Extremism Threat To global Peace2003,University of Texas Arlington, Texas
Islamic Medieval Scholars and their Impact on West2005 Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas
Building Peace by Recovering Lost Islamic History Dec 2009, Dallas - Texas
Out of Cordoba 2012, Dallas Texas
Jamaluddin Afghani2013
Women's Contributions:Oct 2013
The Great Sufi Mystique RUMIMarch 2015
Ibn Al-Haytham
Celebrating year of Light
April 2016, University of Dallas Texas
Islamic heritage and foundation of renaissance 2017

Members Presented At International Congress on Medieval Studies, Michigan-Texas

Members Presented At Texas Medieval Associations Annual Convention

Members Presented At Texas A & M