Mr. Edward Thomas(Died – Oct 2015)


Edward Thomas’s involvement with other parts of the world began many years ago when, after completing a B.A. in Mathematics at Yale University, he taught that subject for two years at a high school in Kabul, Afghanistan. After completing an M.A. at Columbia University in International Relations, he joined the Foreign Service. His assignments included posts in Iran and North Africa, a year of post-graduate Middle East Studies at Princeton University, and a year at the State Department in Washington. At his own request, he was then detailed to the newly established Peace Corps, where he held successive administrative positions in Washington, Iran, Libya and Morocco. After three more years in Washington, he left the State Department and became a regular staff member of the Peace Corps. His positions included one at Peace Corps headquarters as Chief of Programs and Training for the Francophone region of Africa, then Country Director in Upper Volta (now named Burkina Faso), and finally Country Director in Iran.  After the Islamic Revolution of 1978-79 in Iran, he taught for a time in France. Later he worked in Morocco, first as Chief of an AID Social Services project and then for nine years as Executive Secretary of the Moroccan-American Fulbright Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange.  Since 1995 he has lived in Dallas, where he has been active in the International Visitors Program, the United Nations Association, and the Dallas Peace Center. He is a founding member of the Institute of Medieval and Post-Medieval Studies (IMPMS). In 1999-2000 he was a Fulbright lecturer at a university in Uzbekistan. Articles by Mr. Thomas have appeared in such publications as The Christian Science Monitor,  The Muslim World, Middle East International, Central Asia Monitor,The Journal of North African Studies, and the Foreign Service Journal.  Beginning in 2005 he has been an instructor in SMU’s Continuing Education program, most recently teaching a course there entitled  “Great Thinkers of the Islamic World.” He is fluent in French and Persian and has a working knowledge of Arabic and Uzbek. He was one of the IMPMS participants who presented papers at the biennial convention of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies, held in Lahore, Pakistan, February 26–March 1, 2009.

In my adventure to Irving today—

          The internet at 5:30 AM led me astray!

I planned to dine with your & colleagues!

          To extend good wishes as you depart Texas!

Entering “Dera Grill and Restaurant”

          1500 Market Place Blvd came right up!

At 1:00 PM, it led me to Twin Peaks!

          I was up the old proverbial creek!

Three men suggested MacArthur

          But not finding you for departure!

          Ed, Our Appreciative Regards

Your career expresses bride building!

          International Relations plus teaching!

Your service to humanities’ cultures,

          Reflect your readiness for adventure!

Providing leadership to IMPM Society,

          Writing and providing programs readily!

Let us jointly express our Best Wished to Ed!

          Your contributions globally are appreciated!


As Texans, we have an expectation!

          Since sports here also serves as religion!

This is a test of your true Texas loyalty!

          “Will you continue supporting Dallas Cowboys?”

For Global Relations, your reply is critical!

          We need your loyalty as we bid you farewell!

                                                Jerry Middents